Thursday, June 24, 2010


We welcome you all to explore our world at Mute Canvas.

The mute canvas is a reflection on the chaotic world we inhabit and the turbulent inner world we hide from the prying eyes of everyone. The translucent veils of illusions or chimera silently reverberates with the lamentations of our lost dreams and broken wings which we all have abandoned eons ago in search for true happiness which still eludes us all.

The debris of our lost dreams lying buried in the blackholes of our consciousness, are languishing but are patiently waiting for their turn to get a second chance. With the passage of time the demons of those lost dreams emerge from the deepest wells our consciousness to torment and taunt us with nightmares, threatening to push us to the brinks of the bottomless abyss of insanity if we keep on trying to fix them with instant solutions to get rid of them.

The resurfacing of the debris of our longings and yearnings indicates the endless possibilities of their transformation and resurrection only if we give ourselves and our dreams a second chance to live and co exist in a peaceful environment. A deeper understanding and compassion is necessary to give those dreams a chance to reborn as a beautiful song resonating in our inner worlds with happiness and peace.

The mute canvas is an endeavour where the wisps of our longings and dreams gets a chance to return from the shadowlands & reborn again to give a new meaning, perspective and dimension to our monochromatic experiences and existence.