Saturday, August 20, 2011

Journey towards Light

As long as we try to focus light on ourselves, we rarely pause to ponder that by acting in this manner, we are depriving others of their legitimate lights, which is theirs by way of their birthright. As like us, they too have an innate right to stand under their own light, rather than staying forever in shadows, or waiting in the wings to have their moment, never bothering to think how brief or fleeting that moment might be. They would be more than content to get a small beam of light somehow to illuminate their dark world, rather than to fight their way to grab it.

But unfortunately, it seldom happens and their endless wait and ceaseless prayers for light to appear goes unheeded. Even though we may think that everybody is equal but the case is not so. We are equal only at the time of birth or in death, and each life follows its own course on predetermined and predictable ways. Very rarely their paths cross as they are orbitting in their own axis and the chance of their collision rarely occurs. But we ought to make a conscious efforts to share the blessings with each other instead of depriving others of the same.