Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stepping stones….

I know rather understand that it is quite difficult at times to reach a clear cut decision in the face of such complex and confusing situations presenting themselves in front of us. One is bound to commit mistake or in the ensuing confusion, for which one can hardly find a fault with him or fault him as it is human to err. And every mistake can be turned into a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block as everyone tends to perceive them.

Because every mistake or failure in itself contains the tiny kernel of success, in fact a second chance to have another take at the problem in hand, by trying to solve it differently, which might unlock its hidden lock which we failed to open in the first instance as we were looking for the answers at the wrong places? Though we have so much of time at our hands or at our disposal yet we often show ourselves as too busy and preoccupied with so many diverse matters but the one at hand.

We are so convinced with our half-truths, which we proclaim as the ultimate truth with us being the sole bearer of that absolute and ultimate truth that we cry ourselves hoarse trying to convince others of the same so that they can turn into insignificant pawns in the intricate and treacherous game of power play. We have hardly any compunction in playing with the emotions of others or turning them into a mere pawn, a plaything to achieve our ends. People lose their importance and are reduced to being things to be used at will to gain something.