Thursday, July 29, 2010


Though it is said that there is a place and time for everything but somehow our lives seem so empty broken and lifeless. Nothing stirs or is vibrant or vivid. A kind of stillness/ stagnant pool of frustrations born out of our confused feelings and perceptions mirrors our day-to-day reality. Gazing into the stagnant pool of forgotten/broken dreams makes us gloomier and sad. We are so wrapped up in up and close personal worlds of our own making that we fail to take notice of the directions taken by the destiny which steadies our footsteps on the paths we are chosen to undertake in our lifetimes.

Nothing is meaningless or insignificant in this universe or shall we say multiverse. We all have been chosen to serve in this universe. We are not here by chance or coincidence or by some quirk of fate. The only lesson or mission is to serve each other with love as only love is real the only connection between us humans. But as we progress on our paths we find that this is the most difficult thing to do since each one of us wants to be served but rarely one agrees to serve willingly and joyously. Everyone wants to be in control of things people and would gladly vie with the creators to be the masters of the universe and destiny.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alice in the wasteland

Wandering in some strange land like Alice in the wonderland, with all the wonder disappearing into a thin smoke, leaving a vast wasteland inhabited by some queer folks who shun strangers and mysteries like some dreaded plague. Well grounded in their realities and hidden behind their snug fortresses they have no time to waste on intangible worthless things which have negligible monetary or financial value and prefer not to undertake any endeavor which does not translate into monetary gains.

Not content with distancing themselves from such undertakings, they tend to discourage and ridicule others who had the audacity or temerity to defy their sacrosanct rules and had chosen to walk on the unbeaten path. The simple act of choosing to be different is often viewed with an undisguised disapproval and suspicion with severe social sanctions placed on the concerned in a very roundabout and ingenious manner that the unsuspecting individual is left without the tiniest shred of proof of plotting or wrongdoings on their part.

Others on their part tend to appear genuinely concerned and would go to any lengths to show their solidarity with the cause, but the moment your back is turned they would not wait for even a single moment to stab you in the back whom you had genuinely believed to be your benefactors or well wishers.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A time to remember

To every thing there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.....

And so there is a time to remember.... Remember the truth reach out for the ultimate truth. For every x- files die-hard fans believes and are convinced deep in their hearts that truth is out there. It is only our sheer obstinacy and ignorance that we fail to see the lights shining out there. For most of us is still living in darkness, in a zombie, coma like existence with a faint semblance of living our lives on autopilot for most of the times. Being or becoming aware is like moving towards light and yet we have grown so accustomed to darkness that we are afraid of light, afraid of things we might not like in ourselves, when we would get a chance to look at ourselves. The darkness is so comfortable and its lulling ambience is keeper of our darkest secrets, which we never want to reveal to anyone not even to our selves.

Darkness has pervaded every sphere of our lives that we have forgotten that once we were also a part of the light. And like lost souls that we are, we prefer to engage or engross ourselves into the games of matrix, than to take a journey or a quest in search of light. All this seems so worthless futile and useless, since it does not yield anything in material/tangible sense, and we are so used to our three dimensional existence that we have no interest in intangible mysteries which are the domains of occult groups, mystics, saints and fools. There is a clear out demarcation between the temporal and the spiritual worlds.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Why is this sudden gravitational pull or attraction felt towards hidden things? This quest for unknown electrifies the sagging spirits bogged down in the mire of everyday commonplace occurrences. The mere hint of unknown element in the subject matter bestows upon it a magical and mystical aura whose enigmatic luminosity is too noticeable to give it a miss or ignore its subtle or subliminical attraction. It nourishes our soul the nuances of whose cravings or aspirations are quite impossible to understand as we prefer to sleepwalk through our life instead of being aware of every moment and the message it whispers into the ears of our soul who prefers to march to the beats of an unknown drum, dancing rather waltzing away to the land of OZ given a chance.

Instead of indulging in internal dialogues the mind is suddenly switching over to the job of making connections of everyday happenings, to see the whole thing with a new perspective and in new light and with a lot more greater understanding than before, as the insights unfolds themselves open to the seeking mind and bestows itself as an offering. Then the everyday mundane things lose their ordinary lusterless ephemeral quality and acquire a translucent transcendental quality which is its true nature since nothing is worthless or meaningless in this world. And as it is said everything changes in the twinkling of an eye and this is the real miracle to realize the divinity in
everything we perceive however mundane and meaningless or gross it might seem at the first glance or the impression it might make on our minds.

For instance the mankind is exploring the secrets and mysteries of the universe and has set its eyes on the outer limits of the visible universe but is unable to build bridges or walkways into the unfathomable minds of the fellow human beings who live in close proximity to each other but are world apart from the other each choosing to inhabit in his or her own private universe several light years away so much so that there is so much of misery, mistrust, misunderstanding and resultant lonely planets each living into. The man is employing all his knowledge or expertise in seeking and conquering new worlds but his own world is unfortunately in shambles.

The problem is everyone is thinking about himself or herself since survival or self preservation tops our list of priorities. But it would not be so much of a problem if people didn't choose to exercise this option by excluding others who didn't fit the bill of being worthy in their eyes. For them everyone else is unworthy except themselves and their kind of people whatever that may mean and they don't want to bother about the fate of others left outside their chosen scheme of things since they are not likely to be held responsible for everyone or everything that happens around them. And they have a whole lot of army of people to insulate them from such hapless occurrences, a private army solely meant to look after the well being or welfare of the few who control the resources and power thereby controlling the destinies of people by ruling and ruining them by default.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mute Flute Saga

The early immigrants, were the first generation to venture out of their homeland in search of livelihood and carrying fistful of dreams which ran as a common thread between all the immigrants uniting them in the alien and inhospitable land in a close knit compact society. Our parents fought every obstacle with immense patience and forbearance and a stoic calm, literally clawing their way to gain foothold in the crowded super fast express called metropolises with the inside crowd trying to throw them out. They were neither ready nor inclined to share the fruits of the progress with the so called illegal aliens who were usurping what they considered belonged to them rightfully.

Our parents had to bear the brunt of mistrust hatred and animosity and were forced to drink the potion of bitter tears caused by the taunts and jeers heaped upon them from the rest of the so called locals making them lonely frightened and a despised lot and a lot more angry than they permitted to show to their inner selves. So they more or less resigned themselves to their fates or to their wretched existence and tried to move with the tide and get along with life whichever way it was taking them, never forgetting for a single moment their dreams which meant a lot to all of them, And they were ready to make whatever sacrifices that were needed to attain their goals.

Their calm exteriors hid most of the upheavals and turbulent daylight nightmares they all endured during their every waking moments to be comforted only in their troubled and fitful sleep which were invariably be filled with the beats of distant drums and snatches of easy laughter, reminding them of their previous carefree and happy lives which were shattered by the continuous ravages and plunder of their homeland by the outsiders who left it bleeding to die after milking the last drop of milk .

It was evident that in order to rebuild their homeland they had to explore every avenue reach out to distant shores in search of the land of opportunities which would help them to achieve their impossible dream. So when they reached the metropolis they all joined forces to thwart any attempt to browbeat them and single-mindedly devoted their every effort in the single direction.

Those selfless self sacrificing individuals shared the same dreams and aspirations. They made collective efforts to achieve them by collaborating and collating their resources and made possible their dreams of living life on their own terms just like others. Living as aliens in the inhospitable world which was bent upon flattening them out of existence leaving them breathless and too tired to attempt any resistance to the cruel onslaughts yet were determined not to be swept away by the angry winds like a trail of dry leaves or blotted away like some smelly stain on some shiny surface.

The sense of uprooting from their homeland was a common refrain that reverberated like a long forgotten song in their bosoms; its nostalgic undertones wove a sad melody, stirring longing and homesickness amongst the brave hearts that were united in their minds leading the lives as one.