Saturday, July 17, 2010


Why is this sudden gravitational pull or attraction felt towards hidden things? This quest for unknown electrifies the sagging spirits bogged down in the mire of everyday commonplace occurrences. The mere hint of unknown element in the subject matter bestows upon it a magical and mystical aura whose enigmatic luminosity is too noticeable to give it a miss or ignore its subtle or subliminical attraction. It nourishes our soul the nuances of whose cravings or aspirations are quite impossible to understand as we prefer to sleepwalk through our life instead of being aware of every moment and the message it whispers into the ears of our soul who prefers to march to the beats of an unknown drum, dancing rather waltzing away to the land of OZ given a chance.

Instead of indulging in internal dialogues the mind is suddenly switching over to the job of making connections of everyday happenings, to see the whole thing with a new perspective and in new light and with a lot more greater understanding than before, as the insights unfolds themselves open to the seeking mind and bestows itself as an offering. Then the everyday mundane things lose their ordinary lusterless ephemeral quality and acquire a translucent transcendental quality which is its true nature since nothing is worthless or meaningless in this world. And as it is said everything changes in the twinkling of an eye and this is the real miracle to realize the divinity in
everything we perceive however mundane and meaningless or gross it might seem at the first glance or the impression it might make on our minds.

For instance the mankind is exploring the secrets and mysteries of the universe and has set its eyes on the outer limits of the visible universe but is unable to build bridges or walkways into the unfathomable minds of the fellow human beings who live in close proximity to each other but are world apart from the other each choosing to inhabit in his or her own private universe several light years away so much so that there is so much of misery, mistrust, misunderstanding and resultant lonely planets each living into. The man is employing all his knowledge or expertise in seeking and conquering new worlds but his own world is unfortunately in shambles.

The problem is everyone is thinking about himself or herself since survival or self preservation tops our list of priorities. But it would not be so much of a problem if people didn't choose to exercise this option by excluding others who didn't fit the bill of being worthy in their eyes. For them everyone else is unworthy except themselves and their kind of people whatever that may mean and they don't want to bother about the fate of others left outside their chosen scheme of things since they are not likely to be held responsible for everyone or everything that happens around them. And they have a whole lot of army of people to insulate them from such hapless occurrences, a private army solely meant to look after the well being or welfare of the few who control the resources and power thereby controlling the destinies of people by ruling and ruining them by default.


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