Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alice in the wasteland

Wandering in some strange land like Alice in the wonderland, with all the wonder disappearing into a thin smoke, leaving a vast wasteland inhabited by some queer folks who shun strangers and mysteries like some dreaded plague. Well grounded in their realities and hidden behind their snug fortresses they have no time to waste on intangible worthless things which have negligible monetary or financial value and prefer not to undertake any endeavor which does not translate into monetary gains.

Not content with distancing themselves from such undertakings, they tend to discourage and ridicule others who had the audacity or temerity to defy their sacrosanct rules and had chosen to walk on the unbeaten path. The simple act of choosing to be different is often viewed with an undisguised disapproval and suspicion with severe social sanctions placed on the concerned in a very roundabout and ingenious manner that the unsuspecting individual is left without the tiniest shred of proof of plotting or wrongdoings on their part.

Others on their part tend to appear genuinely concerned and would go to any lengths to show their solidarity with the cause, but the moment your back is turned they would not wait for even a single moment to stab you in the back whom you had genuinely believed to be your benefactors or well wishers.


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