Thursday, July 29, 2010


Though it is said that there is a place and time for everything but somehow our lives seem so empty broken and lifeless. Nothing stirs or is vibrant or vivid. A kind of stillness/ stagnant pool of frustrations born out of our confused feelings and perceptions mirrors our day-to-day reality. Gazing into the stagnant pool of forgotten/broken dreams makes us gloomier and sad. We are so wrapped up in up and close personal worlds of our own making that we fail to take notice of the directions taken by the destiny which steadies our footsteps on the paths we are chosen to undertake in our lifetimes.

Nothing is meaningless or insignificant in this universe or shall we say multiverse. We all have been chosen to serve in this universe. We are not here by chance or coincidence or by some quirk of fate. The only lesson or mission is to serve each other with love as only love is real the only connection between us humans. But as we progress on our paths we find that this is the most difficult thing to do since each one of us wants to be served but rarely one agrees to serve willingly and joyously. Everyone wants to be in control of things people and would gladly vie with the creators to be the masters of the universe and destiny.


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