Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A time to remember

To every thing there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.....

And so there is a time to remember.... Remember the truth reach out for the ultimate truth. For every x- files die-hard fans believes and are convinced deep in their hearts that truth is out there. It is only our sheer obstinacy and ignorance that we fail to see the lights shining out there. For most of us is still living in darkness, in a zombie, coma like existence with a faint semblance of living our lives on autopilot for most of the times. Being or becoming aware is like moving towards light and yet we have grown so accustomed to darkness that we are afraid of light, afraid of things we might not like in ourselves, when we would get a chance to look at ourselves. The darkness is so comfortable and its lulling ambience is keeper of our darkest secrets, which we never want to reveal to anyone not even to our selves.

Darkness has pervaded every sphere of our lives that we have forgotten that once we were also a part of the light. And like lost souls that we are, we prefer to engage or engross ourselves into the games of matrix, than to take a journey or a quest in search of light. All this seems so worthless futile and useless, since it does not yield anything in material/tangible sense, and we are so used to our three dimensional existence that we have no interest in intangible mysteries which are the domains of occult groups, mystics, saints and fools. There is a clear out demarcation between the temporal and the spiritual worlds.


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