Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mute Flute Saga

The early immigrants, were the first generation to venture out of their homeland in search of livelihood and carrying fistful of dreams which ran as a common thread between all the immigrants uniting them in the alien and inhospitable land in a close knit compact society. Our parents fought every obstacle with immense patience and forbearance and a stoic calm, literally clawing their way to gain foothold in the crowded super fast express called metropolises with the inside crowd trying to throw them out. They were neither ready nor inclined to share the fruits of the progress with the so called illegal aliens who were usurping what they considered belonged to them rightfully.

Our parents had to bear the brunt of mistrust hatred and animosity and were forced to drink the potion of bitter tears caused by the taunts and jeers heaped upon them from the rest of the so called locals making them lonely frightened and a despised lot and a lot more angry than they permitted to show to their inner selves. So they more or less resigned themselves to their fates or to their wretched existence and tried to move with the tide and get along with life whichever way it was taking them, never forgetting for a single moment their dreams which meant a lot to all of them, And they were ready to make whatever sacrifices that were needed to attain their goals.

Their calm exteriors hid most of the upheavals and turbulent daylight nightmares they all endured during their every waking moments to be comforted only in their troubled and fitful sleep which were invariably be filled with the beats of distant drums and snatches of easy laughter, reminding them of their previous carefree and happy lives which were shattered by the continuous ravages and plunder of their homeland by the outsiders who left it bleeding to die after milking the last drop of milk .

It was evident that in order to rebuild their homeland they had to explore every avenue reach out to distant shores in search of the land of opportunities which would help them to achieve their impossible dream. So when they reached the metropolis they all joined forces to thwart any attempt to browbeat them and single-mindedly devoted their every effort in the single direction.

Those selfless self sacrificing individuals shared the same dreams and aspirations. They made collective efforts to achieve them by collaborating and collating their resources and made possible their dreams of living life on their own terms just like others. Living as aliens in the inhospitable world which was bent upon flattening them out of existence leaving them breathless and too tired to attempt any resistance to the cruel onslaughts yet were determined not to be swept away by the angry winds like a trail of dry leaves or blotted away like some smelly stain on some shiny surface.

The sense of uprooting from their homeland was a common refrain that reverberated like a long forgotten song in their bosoms; its nostalgic undertones wove a sad melody, stirring longing and homesickness amongst the brave hearts that were united in their minds leading the lives as one.


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