Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mirror mask

So you want to look for best friends? What for? To know yourself better, since very often a friend is considered to be an extension of your own self, a mirror in which you can watch or see your reflections, and is inevitably or irrevocably a part of your self if he or she is indeed your true friend. You often go on a wild goose chase to find someone who can understand you and this unending quest ultimately leads you to discover yourself in the other person, a friend who reflects your inner light and fire as you unwittingly reflects his or her light to the whole world.

It is only in the form of a friend that the other seems so close and loving and one is willing to do anything to maintain it, otherwise the other always comes across as a stranger or enemy who is to be kept at a distance, never allowed to get a glimpse of your world. A friend is like sunshine in the darkest hours and a cool and refreshing breeze blowing in the arid landscapes stretched till the farthest corners of the horizons of the innerscape.

Everyone wants their friends to support them at all costs but are we ready to so when our turn comes to reciprocate. We often tend to ignore or fail to keep our side of bargain and this causes unfathomable and deep crevasses into our friendships, which cannot be crossed or filled as the other too mirrors our actions in retaliation. And then we feel dismayed, betrayed, hurt and wronged and curse ourselves for making wrong choices and sink deeper into the murky morasses of disappointment and gloom.

But we never ever try to get into the shoes of others for the millionth part of a second to pause and think about their feelings and fears. We just tend to pamper ourselves at the costs of others, not even pausing to think about them. But can it be called a true friendship if we are going for gratification of our own desires and fancies all the time, never caring for the feelings and emotions of the others and finding nothing wrong with that practice. We are not even aware of our wrongdoing and if someone points a finger in our direction we would like to hit the fellow given the opportunity to do so.

Speaking of friends I sometimes feel that some friends are better seen not heard while some are better heard not seen, but the best ones need never to be either seen or heard since they reside in our hearts forever and ever and time or distance cannot mar or put a dent in that friendship which lasts a lifetime even if you seldom meets. They are very precious, like some jewels or treasures to be cherished and safeguarded with our lives.


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